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Kristin and Chris | Anniversary

Anniversary Session | Decatur, Alabama

I LOVE anniversary sessions! Let’s face it…most of us married folks haven’t had professional photos taken of just us and our spouses since our wedding day! Once kids enter our lives we tend to only focus on family portraits that obviously include the kids (and all the family pets). During the session the photographer might get a few of you and your spouse alone while you nervously watch out of the corner your eye to make sure your kids don’t poke each other with sticks they found on the ground or try to run out into the road (with the family pets). Let’s just say we don’t always look the most comfortable and relaxed in these photos.

This is why I believe all couples should have an anniversary session which is why I was thrilled when my friends and neighbors asked me to document their ninth wedding anniversary with some fun photos. These two are very special to our family. Before we moved to Alabama, I prayed that my children would have sweet neighborhood friends to play and grow up with. Not only was my prayer answered for our children but also for me and my husband because we also gained these great friends. Happy Anniversary, Chris and Kristin!

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