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Meg and Matthew | Engagement

Huntsville Botanical Garden | Huntsville, Alabama | Engagement Session

Where do I begin with Meg and Matthew?!? Even from Meg’s first email I knew that she was someone special. There was a sense of kindness and thoughtfulness to her words. When we talked in person over a cup of coffee, she listened intently and made me feel I was the only person in the room even though we were in the middle of a bustling sandwich shop. I believe this quality is a true gift. As a very verbal (aka chatty) person I struggle with the ability to be still and quiet and truly listen. Meg, however, is a pro at intentional listening.

As we sat across from each other in a little corner table, she shared a little about her life and fiancé with me. Her face lite up as she talked about Matthew and how some wonderful ladies from her church introduced them. From the way she talked about him I knew he was special too. I learned that he is currently serving as a children’s minister at a local church while he completes his PhD, he plays an amazing guitar and is also a really great dancer!

For their engagement session, Meg, a garden member, wanted photos around the beautiful grounds of the Huntsville Botanical Garden. One night, as we were discussing and planning their session over the phone, which is something I do with all of my clients, she told me what they were planning on wearing. She told me that she would be wearing a brown flowy dress with some strappy heels. Perfect. It wasn’t until she told me what Matthew was going to be wearing that I got a little (okay, a lot) concerned. I heard her tell me that he was going to wear a navy blue swim suit (insert wide-eyed emoji here). On the inside I was freaking out wondering how I was ever going to pull off engagement photos at the Botanical Gardens with a guy in a bathing suit!! On the outside I just calmly said, “Okayyy.” Thankfully, Meg quickly referenced the navy blue SLIM suit again and I was instantly relieved! We all got a pretty good laugh about it.

After the whole swim suit confusion, the photo session could not have gone better! These two were made for each other and seeing them interact together warmed my heart. Poor Meg was getting eaten alive by mosquitos (I told you she was sweet) so Matthew kept giving her his jacket in-between shots to help limit the number of bites. This is where Photoshop came in handy 😉

We shared stories and laughed (the swim suit was mentioned a time or two) as we explored the gorgeous gardens. We then ended the session in a colorful wildflower field as the golden sun set behind the hills.

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